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Group Safety Management Policy

Safety Management and Green Management

Two ship management companies, Sun Technomarine Co., Ltd. and ST Marine Co., Ltd., are responsibly engaged in ensuring safe transportation and safety management for fleet owned by Shokuyu Tanker Group and chartered ships. Furthermore, Tokyo office of SU Navigation Pte. Ltd. and Sun Technomarine Co., Ltd. share the same office, which enables both of the parties especially on occasions of emergency to respond to the issues in a prompt and collaborative manner.

In order to meet international standard of ship management, we obtained DOC (Document of Compliance) based on ISM (International Safety Management) and we currently and actively carry out oil major inspections system such as SIRE (Ship Inspection Report) and CDI.

*Sun Technomarine Co.,Ltd. (100% of shares owned by Shokuyu Tanker Co., Ltd.)
*ST Marine Co., Ltd.(90% of shares owned by Shokuyu Tanker Co., Ltd.)

We, Shokuyu Tanker Group, fully understand that social contribution through our oil and chemical marine transportation is our mission. To accomplish this mission, we are continuously making best efforts to provide our customers with safe and environmentally-friendly marine transportation services which are to be the top priority for our customers and the society.

At the same time, sharing a view in our group that our services should be free of any accidents related to vessels, humans, and/or environment, we have been making concerted and united efforts by putting the most importance on safety management system and organization.

We are and will be keeping all of the related parties/ people concerned widely informed of continued improvement and enhancement of safety management system.


In order to precisely ensure safe transportation by the vessels under our operations, SHOKUYU TANKER CO., LTD. on behalf of Shokuyu Tanker Group (thereafter, ‘the Group’) will operate and manage our group fleet under the ‘‘THREE NO’’ safety policy of no accident causing loss and/or damage to vessels (including cargoes), no accident relating in human injury and/or loss of life (including health of crew at sea), no accident causing environmental damage.

In order to attain the above ‘‘THREE NO’’ policy, the Group establish the ‘‘Safety Management Standards’’ in documentation and for the actual operation and management of vessels in practice, the Group will ensure full awareness and commitment of all of the individuals concerned towards the following:

  • To comply with relevant regulations and group internal rules and to put priority on safety
  • To continuously improve the safety management system

I, as the highest authority in the Group, will take full responsibility for ensuring necessary human resource, information, vessels in order to establish, implement and maintain the safety management system. Furthermore, I will take responsibility for making all the individuals concerned to follow the Group’s safety policy and for reviewing the policy if required.

October 1, 2006